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Emma Wilson. Part Three of the Guide to Clinical Reflexology and Lymph Drainage

Today is the start of telling you all about Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) and why Emma is a firm believer in its importance.

RLD is a non-invasive, gentle technique that stimulates the Lymphatic Reflexes on the feet, following the one-way direction of the Lymphatic System.

It was researched extensively and developed by an amazing lady Sally Kay who has since dedicated her life to the technique and who Emma had the privilege of being trained by.

It is an award winning technique that was formalised for part of the NHS ethics application, providing exact details of its protocol to the ethics committee.

RLD is a technique that has the ability for the client, therapist, friends and family to see the positive physical impact that correct sequencing can achieve.

The development of RLD was originally to help benefit breast cancer patients who after the trauma of facing such a horrible disease then had the additional upset of Lymphoedema in the arm and/or hand. As well as the physical aspect, as mentioned before it can take its toll mentally, but research papers and case studies have shown the positive ripple effect of how RLD can benefit both elements, improving a patients quality of life.

It stood to reason that by understanding and working the Lymphatic System, Lymphoedema in other areas of the body could also achieve beneficial results.

Case studies have also gone on to show that Auto-Immune and Anti-Inflammatory conditions have also felt the benefit.

RLD may be useful for:









Sinus Problems

The Digestive System can too feel the benefit such as:


Crohnes Disease

Coeliac Disease


Emma is a firm believer that even without suffering any of the above conditions we could all do with an occasional Lymph Drainage Treatment just to give our bodies a boost and gentle MOT. Emma herself experiences feeling relaxed and energised after treatment.

Emma claims to be a very matter of fact individual, not accepting things just at face value, but wanting to understand why things are the way they are. Emma says RLD was the first time that “her mind was blown” and how incredibly honoured she was to have learned this technique.

Tomorrow Emma will share with you one of her “before and after” cases.

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