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Yoga with Marta


Marta runs a number of different yoga sessions:

Pregnancy Yoga

This is a 6 week course of yoga specifically aimed at and designed for pregnancy. This can help with:

  • maintaining flexibility and strength before birth

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Gets your body ready for birth

  • Can help ease common complaints such as back pain and nausea

Yin and restore yoga

This is a very relaxing yoga aimed at all abilities and is very calming for your body,

it can be beneficial for those with Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or ME type problems. 

Other sessions

Marta will also be offering other sessions for specific problems such as:

  • Yoga for back pain

  • Yoga for mental health

  • Yoga for menopause and hormonal balance

  • Introduction to yoga and meditation

She will be offering these on a rotation basis each 6 weeks  

Private sessions 

1-2-1 session or private group sessions are also available. For further details please call or email.

Yoga for mental health 
Dr Annessa Rebair 

Yoga for mental health is a treatment to help individuals heal and work toward recovery from mental and emotional stress (however that manifests for the person), using teachings and practices of Yoga (breathing, movement, meditation, relaxation). 

The interventions are developed to suite you as each person is different and will experience mental health difficulties in diverse ways. Whereas some people would benefit from more movement (asanas), others may benefit from deeper understanding of mind – body interactions and welcome a spiritual approach. 


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