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Andrew is a highly regarded professional hypnotherapist specialising in depression and anxiety, weight loss and addictions.   Hypnotherapy can offer powerful and unique tools for conditions such as anxiety and depression as it can help break the cycle of poor sleep, worry, low energy and stress through deep relaxation, tackling the causes, improving sleep and lifting mood and motivation 


BSc(hons). CQSW.   DipHyp

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that most of us experience on a regular basis. It's a state of trance-like-focus when we become so absorbed in something or so inwardly focused that we become less aware of what is going on around us and the passage of time. Because of this hypnosis acts like an 'amplifier' - it can help you to more powerfully connect with feelings and behaviours you want more of such as calmness, sleep, motivation, control and joy. It can also help you experience less of or remove completely feelings that you don't want such as compulsions, anxiety, low self esteem, panic, habits, insomnia and so on.


Because it works so effectively with your subconscious mind - the seat of non-conscious feelings, behaviours and habits - it can work quickly and be surprisingly effectively with conditions such as chronic pain, IBS, tremors, restless legs and even memory loss!

What does it entail?

In may ways a hypnotherapy session is like a standard counselling session. Part of the session is about history taking, looking at medications and wider circumstances and also setting clear goals.  In hypnosis the goals are very much about how you want to feel, behave and experience life in clear measurable steps. This really helps to begin the process of focusing on what you want and not what is wrong.

I use a number of familiar approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR and use hypnosis to amplify the effectiveness of these approaches. Whilst often difficult subject matter may arise hypnosis does not require you to talk in detail about the why, what and when, but rather on the current experience or the physiology of the emotions and changing that. Through the use of 'association' and 'dissociation' or getting closer to and further away from the experience it is also a gentle and controlled way fo dealing with painful memories or trauma.

In this way, and because the focus is nearly always on what you want to feel and experience hypnosis is a very positive, empowering and relaxing experience.

Common myths and stereotypes!

No, hypnosis cannot be used to make you do anything you do not want to do or that is not good for you, nor would any professional therapeutic hypnotherapist attempt to do this.

Hypnosis is about healing and positive change, and you are always in charge. Hypnotherapy is NOT about entertainment or chickens!

Hypnosis is NOT a state of sleep. You will be aware, focused and deeply engaged with the process though sometimes deeply relaxed also.

Hypnosis is not wacky or quackery. Hypnosis is the oldest form of what is now called psychotherapy, is one of the most rigorously researched therapies, is profoundly safe and proven as an effective treatment for many conditions.

What to do next

If you'd like to explore the benefits of hypnosis for yourself please give us a call and set-up a complementary, no obligation consultation now.


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