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Massage and Auricular Acupuncture

Jo Mac 
Massage and Auricular acupuncture 

Sense of renewal (Swedish) Massage - 60 mins

  • Unwind with a full-body massage, combining stretching, long strokes and rolling
    pressure. Choose from Grounding (with clove, ginger and vetivert), Calming (with
    ho-wood, ylang-ylang and ginger), Uplifting (with black-pepper, grapefruit and jasmine) or Purifying (virgin coconut oil).

Sound Healing Massage – 60 minutes

  • Capturing life’s rhythm and flow, experience the resonance of Tibetan Singing Bowls
    massage. Relax with sacred chimes and whilst receiving a meditative full-body 
    mantra as sound vibrates through the feet, hands, and spine. The treatment ends at
    Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) with a healing head, neck, and shoulder massage to calm the soul.

Deeply Restorative Massage (Acupressure) – 60 minutes

  • Let go of daily tension and release emotional stress with this deeply restorative massage. Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, this acupressure treatment releases “ashi” (tension) points in the body to help Qi (energy) flow smoothly.

  • For an ongoing sense of wellbeing, end on a Shakti Matt and Pillow*, designed to
    effectively target tissue and melt away tension.
    * Expect initial discomfort on the mat followed by deep relaxation. Please bring a T-Shirt towear for your first treatment.

Pouring Massage Oil

Acu-Wellness Group sessions

Join a small group of like-minded souls for an Acu-Wellness session with auricular acupuncture and divine foot and hand massage.

Leave the stress of the day behind you and retreat into our beautiful yoga studio. Once the points are in, lay back on a yoga pillow, cocooned in a soft blanket while listening to celestial sounds. Enjoy a serene foot and hand massage while the acupuncture points work.

Women only group sessions are available.
Pre-booking is essential.
Pre-payment is essential.

Follow the link below to book your Acu-Wellness experience.

NADA Auricular Acupuncture – 45 minutes

Think of the ear as a microcosm of the body. NADA Auricular (ear) Acupuncture
serves to balance the body’s energy and assist healing processes. Together, the
points reduce anxiety, restore calm, detoxify, and enhance immunity.
What does Auricular Acupuncture treat?

  •  Reduces stress and anxiety, marked relaxation and sense of wellbeing

  • Improves sleep patterns

  • Reduces hot flushes (menopause or side effect of treatments such as chemotherapy)

  • Clears the mind, promoting rational and creative thinking

  • Stimulates and strengthens particular organ systems (especially kidney, liver, and

  • Craving and withdrawal symptom reduction (for smoking cessation & addiction)

It involves the gentle placement of up to five tiny, sterilized disposable needles into
specific sites on each ear.
The recipient sits clothed, quietly for between 30 – 45 minutes, an invitation to relax
or meditate.


Carry on your self-care routine at home.
After a healing massage or auricular (ear) acupuncture, complete your treatment
with Jo Mac’s Ear Seed application. Stimulating specific acupressure points, they
improve the body’s Qi (energy) flow, reducing stress, and enhancing the healing
process. Last several days post treatment, simply give them a rub when feeling
stressed or tired.
(*depending on treatment of specific symptoms, expect between 1-5 ear seeds per ear)

Cupping Therapy

This old Chinese maxim holds that pain results from the congestion. Ancient Chinese cupping is a method of breaking up blockages to restore the body’s natural flow of energy, increase blood flow and move painful stagnation in the body. Cupping is the inverse to massage, so rather than placing pressure onto muscles, it uses gentle pressure to draw tissue upwards. This is often a soothing sensation. Cupping shouldn’t hurt! Try cupping for immediate pain relief, enhanced blood and lymphatic circulation, and to support your immune


Cupping Benefits

  • Relieves tight, constricted muscles.

  • Clears congestion

  • Draws toxins to the surface for release

  • Improves blood flow


How it works?
The cups are individually placed onto the skin, usually on the back area along acupuncture channels or areas of tension. A handheld suction device is used to create a vacuum in each cup. This gently draws the skin and superficial muscle layer into the cup. Depending on the treatment given, the cups will either remain in place for around 10 minutes or they will glide up and down the area using massage oil.

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