Michelle Robinson

Works with Individuals and Couples will work with young people.

Michelle is passionate about helping people overcome life’s challenges, assist them in recognising their innate strengths and collaboratively work towards achieving mental well-being, balance and benefit from their time in the counselling chair.

In her career she has experience working within the NHS, Charity sector as well as with children and young people in hospice and school settings and in private practice. She is experienced in working with attachment, self-esteem and self-image issues, depression, anxiety, grief, self-harm, and relationship issues and she values and respects diversity in our communities.

As a professional person-centred counsellor she offers a safe, non-judgmental and supportive space for you to explore what you are going through, find coping strategies, work through feelings, and find understanding. This can involve using creative materials and methods or pure talking therapy.


From her own experience, she knows how crucial it can be to feel heard and truly understood and how healing it can be to work through personal issues with a professional.

Whether you are feeling isolated, going through a stressful situation, finding it hard to manage and are overwhelmed by change or trying to live with past trauma talking to a trained counsellor can help.


Liz Underhill

Liz Underhill works with Individuals and Couples

About Liz

Whilst Liz  is a fully qualified counsellor and works within the BACP Code of Ethics, it's clear her desire to help people make positive change comes from the heart.


Having worked as a clinical pharmacist for 30 years, Liz knows that often it's not medicine which elicits the biggest changes. Sometimes it takes talking and being listened to: time, not more tablets. Qualified as a Person-Centred Counsellor, her work is absolutely tailored to the individual. Her success comes from creating a safe, non threatening, non judgemental space in which people can talk openly and be heard. From this come opportunities to change the things that can be changed, and to develop coping strategies for the things which can't be changed.

Are you struggling but have no-one to talk to or who understands? Would you like space and time to be listened to with someone you can trust? Liz aims to create a safe place in which you can feel accepted, not judged, free to explore whatever you are finding difficult and make sense of your thoughts and feelings. She believes that having counselling can make a huge difference to your life as it has to hers. Everyone experiences problems in their lives and we all have times when we feel unable to cope and very alone. Sometimes too many difficult things happen at once and we can’t see a way out of confusion and pain. Counselling can really help at times like this. It is a way of helping you work out how to improve your life or cope better.

Liz is a person-centred counsellor and believe that you, the client, are of central importance. When provided with the right kind of support you can change and reach your potential. In a way it is like offering a relationship through pain, so you can feel accompanied, understood, prized and eventually more able to accept yourself.

The hardest thing is always to take the first step but it may be the best thing you could do!


Counselling can help with - many things including 

  • anxiety,

  • depression,

  • feelings or lonely

  • low self-confidence or low self-esteem

  • bereavement

  • relationship problems

  • stress  

  • … and much more!


How much will it cost?

Sessions cost £50 for a 50 minute session


What can I expect?

An initial session to explain more about counselling, explore your concerns and what you might hope for in counselling  and  agree a number of sessions.

We recommend 6 sessions to start with and we can review if that is sufficient or if you would like more. The beauty of private counselling is flexibility and it can last for as long as you would like, depending on your needs. 


What people have said about counselling with Liz

‘Liz has given me so many tools to manage difficult situations and relationships. I would wholeheartedly advise anybody struggling to give her a call. 100% recommend’

‘I am able to work through obstacles as they happen much better now. I feel the most stable I have for a long while. You have been the most amazing help’




Sarah Garner

Mental Health Nurse & IEMT Practitioner

How can Sandra Help you?

IEMT is a process that can generate rapid change in reducing unwanted emotional and identity issues for most people. Part of this method involves holding problematic memories in mind whilst the eyes are moved in different directions, often resulting in the original memory losing its emotional impact and becoming far less disturbing. The whole process helps you realise how you are living so you can make better choices.


Maybe you have already tried other therapies but still feel stuck or feel that issues have not entirely been resolved. IEMT works for most people most of the time. Outcomes cannot be guaranteed, but an exploration of your problems and what may be keeping you stuck should allow you to move forward in your life. This technique is carried out without the need to talk about in-depth details of painful or embarrassing memories and brings you more into the present, enabling you to stay out of past negative experiences. At its foundation are five patterns of chronicity, which will be explored and discussed in session.

What can IEMT help with?

Most emotionally based issues, i.e., guilt, shame, regret, remorse, sadness, unhappiness

Identity-based issues, i.e., self-confidence, self-esteem



Fears & phobias

PTSD and trauma


Unwanted habits

Weight issues

Smoking Cessation​


About Me

I am a registered member of the IEMT Association and a qualified mental health nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). I have worked in the mental health field since 2003 and qualified as a mental health nurse in 2006. I have many years of professional experience within the NHS and have an understanding of most mental health issues.  I trained in IEMT in April 2021 and have used this in private practice since. I also have experience being a client of IEMT myself and understand how it feels to be on the other side.



I have a BSc in Mental Health Nursing and I am currently working towards my MSc in Psychology.  I will also be completing the IEMT Advanced Practitioners courts in February 2022.

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Dr Annessa Rebair

Yoga Therapy for Mental Health

How can Annessa help?

Yoga for mental health is a treatment to help individuals heal and work toward recovery from mental and emotional stress (however that manifests for the person), using teachings and practices of Yoga (breathing, movement, meditation, relaxation). 

The interventions are developed to suite you as each person is different and will experience mental health difficulties in diverse ways. Whereas some people would benefit from more movement (asanas), others may benefit from deeper understanding of mind – body interactions and welcome a spiritual approach. 

What is the process?

The initial session is an information sharing session, we look at and assess your needs as defined by you, we will explore your goals and intentions and implement the plan at the next session. We will agree confidentiality and what you need to feel psychologically safe. There will be an introduction to yoga with some pranayama and gentle movement. Six sessions are recommended of 75 minutes.

The following sessions will be an implementation of the plan and adjustment of this accordingly. Each will start with a review of what is different for you from the previous week. I will provide you with a short programme for you to take away and practice between each session so you can develop your own skills in self-care and compassion and develop confidence in your ability to manage your recovery. 

What you can expect from me

A professional approach, kindness, and compassion, I will listen to you and create a safe space. We will work together to create a programme to support your healing and recovery. The goal is that defined by you, together, I will respond and listen to your experiences and feedback and adjust the practice to work with your unfolding journey. This reflects that health is a continuous interaction between mind, body, spirit, and environment, that you can influence. 

Who will benefit?

Anyone experiencing mental and emotional stress manifesting as:

Stress, Anxiety and associated sleeping difficulties

Suicidal thoughts 

Bereavement and loss (and bereavement by suicide) 

Experiences of trauma as defined by you 

Recovering from drug and alcohol use


Annessa is a qualified yoga teacher (200 hours plus 100 hours Teen Yoga certification), her passion is using yoga as therapy to support wellness and recovery and spiritual growth.


Annessa is also a registered mental health nurse and lecturer. She has enjoyed 30 years’ working in the NHS and Higher Education. Annessa has a wide range of experience working in community and in-patient services, working closely with experts by experience and families.  She achieved a Professional Doctorate in 2019. Her specialist areas are suicide and bereavement by suicide. 


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Amanda Skilton

Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Counsellor

How can a child counsellor help?

There can be lots of pressures on young people growing up, for example friendships, teasing and bullying; exams and school work; family relationships, separations and changes; as well as illness, loss or death of someone close. Young people also have to cope with adolescence and the strong feelings and physical changes that go with it. Even quite young children can find that the time and space they get from counselling helps them feel better, and cope better at home and in school.


Amanda is trained as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and works within a recognised code of ethics and practice (UKCP) United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, which enables Amanda to be integrative in her approach to counselling, by this she has a broad range of theory and therapeutic skills to draw on, incorporating creative play and the arts, dependent upon the young person’s needs, as well as providing a safe place for the young person to talk.


The safe place allows the young person to explore themselves, their feelings and share what’s troubling them, Amanda’s experience of working in schools has enabled her to support young people through anxiety, attachment difficulties and other personal problems by gaining a holistic view of their environment, to support them and integrate them back into their environment through alternative ways of being.


Amanda is able to support the young person/adolesent through their difficulties by listening without judging, as well as working through feelings and thoughts about what is worrying them through the variety of mediums she works with during the therapy sessions.


How the sessions work?

During the initial consultation a plan is drawn up between parent, child and Amanda or adolescent and Amanda then the initial problems are identified and then a plan is put together for the therapy sessions to take place and then reviewed with the parent to address if further therapy is required.

Sangeeta Murkunde

Works with Individuals and Couples.


Sangeeta is a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist who has an ability to provide relaxed and safe environment for a client to explore their issues. Being an integrative psychotherapist she uses different therapeutic models e.g TA, CBT etc according to the needs of her clients. She has extensive experience in helping with a wide range of areas including anxiety, depression, work related issue, trauma, bereavement etc.  She offers evening, weekend and day time appointments.

Sangeeta speak different languages such as English, Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujrathi and has a very good understanding of Punjabi. 

Sangeeta believes the therapeutic relationship depends on mutual respect and understanding.


Therapy provides you an opportunity to express yourself and your situation to a professional in a confidential manner.

Sangeeta can help with:

  • stress

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • low self esteem

  • low self confidence

  • domestic abuse

  • sexual abuse

  • work related issues

  • bereavement

  • LGBT related issues

  • trauma counselling

  • couples counselling

  • anger issues.

She has also worked with adults who have experienced sexual abuse in their childhood with a great success.

Training, qualifications & experience 

Masters in Psychotherapy: University of Wales
Diploma in Psychotherapy: Northern Guild of Psychotherapy
Diploma in Counselling : Northern Guild of Psychotherapy

Accredited by U.K.C.P and registered member of B.A.C.P.

If you are not sure if counselling is right for you or which practitioner to work with you can use this link to book a complementary consultation with Andrew to discuss the options.

Alternatively you can call or email us with your enquiry  Please state the name of your preferred therapist if you have a preference.

Adam Eagle

Works with Individuals Only


Adam has been working as a professional counsellor in the North East for four years, seeing clients in Morpeth and Hexham. he is an integrative counsellor, meaning Ihe uses a mix of Transactional Analysis, CBT, Gestalt and creative techniques including drawing, sand-tray, guided imagery and mindfulness and relaxation techniques.


His work is one-to-one with adults. He does not do couples counselling. Work can vary from short-term, say 6 weeks, to that which continues for a year or more. It depends on the issues involved and what the client is looking for.

At the core of his approach is providing each client with empathy, acceptance, care, and genuineness. We work together to reduce the emotional difficulties the client has been living with. Problems clients come to him with include depression, anxiety, stress, loss, relationship issues, confidence and issues from the past. Sometimes there is just a feeling of great sadness, or a lack of fulfillment in life, or confusion, which has no 'label' attached but the client wants to get over and find happiness again.  


Adam believes that each person has within them unique resources and part of our process is to bring those to the client’s healing and emotional well-being.

How we could get started

Adam works on Mondays and Wednesdays only. 

Adam's work has a framework of boundaries to keep everyone safe. Within that, work will include looking ‘out there’ (what is happening in the client’s life, including his or her relationships) and ‘back then’ (how the past has shaped who the client is today). 

Before becoming a counsellor Adam worked in fundraising, working in management roles for regional charities as well as running his own company. His interests include the outdoors, walking and the arts and the roles these can play in health and well-being. 

Training, qualifications & experience 

Trained at Northern Guild Psychotherapy and Counselling. Hold Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (BACP accredited).

Four years working with adults as a professional counsellor. Registered Member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP)

If you are not sure if counselling is right for you or which practitioner to work with you can use this link to book a complementary consultation with Andrew to discuss the options.

Alternatively you can call or email us with your enquiry  Please state the name of your preferred therapist if you have a preference.