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At Watson House we provide a comprehensive range of commonly needed foot-care services. We can help with ingrowing toe nails, corns, verrucas, dry skin and callouses.  We can also assess foot pain, sports injuries and cater for diabetes related issues.

We also offer general nail care and regular foot maintenance.

All of our sessions are offered from a ground-floor accessible room.

As with all our services, you can be assured you will receive friendly, professional, discreet and confidential care.  

Joanne Leiper

Foot Clinician

We are delighted to have Joanne as part of our team. Joanne takes enormous pride in her work, is thorough, professional, friendly and extremely attentive to the needs of her patients.

Joanne is a MAFHP and MCFHP accredited foot health professional based at Watson House.  Whilst we encourage patients to attend our fully accessible ground floor clinic, home visits can sometimes be arranged if needed - please contact us for details. 

Joanne has many years experience delivering treatment for many foot related problems ranging from ingrowing toenails to diabetes related issues.


New Patient appointments are £40.  
Routine appointments are £35


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