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Emma Wilson, Clinical Reflexologist: In Depth Guide to Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Part Two

Part Two of your ultimate guide to the Lymphatic system and how Lymph Drainage Reflexology can help.

Following on from yesterday, today Emma looks at how our health is affected when the Lymphatic System becomes less efficient.

Lymph can unfortunately remain in the body - it may get stuck within Interstitial Spaces as we become less mobile for example or Lymph Nodes may lose their filtering capability by becoming weaker, blocked or removed surgically as possible instances.

A gradual build up of Lymph containing waste products and debris will eventually lead to a body that has to work harder, which then becomes more tired & weaker that can lead to the potential of allowing ill health and disease to occur.

One very common chronic condition is Lymphoedema which is a build-up of tissue swelling as Lymph accumulates.

Primary Lymphoedema is a genetic defect that can affect Lymph Vessels, Lymph Nodes or both.

Secondary Lymphoedema is as a result of an extrinsic factor, such as surgical removal of Lymph Nodes, Damage to Lymph Vessels, Scarring & Radiotherapy Tissue Damage.

Any damage or interruption to the One-Way Lymphatic Path System has the potential to lead to swelling, which for those that suffer with the condition will already know how heavy and uncomfortable it can be, causing it to be debilitating in some cases as well as the mental aspect of feeling self-conscious and/or the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Poor Lymphatic flow can also have a negative impact on Auto-Immune and Anti-Inflammatory conditions.

The Lymphatic System is an important cog of the Immune System wheel which if weakened can only weaken the wheel as a whole.

If poor Lymph Drainage is unable to destroy inflammatory cells from damaged inflamed tissue, those remaining inflammatory cells will have the potential to continue harm to the body.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage is a method to help stimulate and and encourage Lymph to flow and filter. Tomorrow, Emma will tell you more about the treatment and how she believes we can all benefit.

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