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How to stop your conscious mind getting in the way

Okay, so I'm a hypnotherapist and I work with the subconscious. In fact the part of the brain I work with most is the Amygdala and Mid Brain regions - this is where fear is based. Anxiety, trauma and stress. In evolutionary terms it's really, really old.

And, I try to work with this part of the brain with as little 'conscious interference' as possible. That's why I use a range of tools that get at and change how people do their problems rather than try to talk them out of it. In my opinion you can't really use one part of the brain to fix a problem that lies in another part.

It's also safe to stay that the 'Reptile Brain' isn't particularly open to logical debate or persuasion. After all, most fears and phobias are irrational!. This part of the brain is often responding to and 'firing' beyond conscious awareness which is why we feel so out of control when we experience panic.

So, imagine my delight when some recent research suggests, strongly, that it is more effective to deal with phobias beyond conscious awareness. In fact the researchers from Purchase College at the State University of New York have found that "exposure to phobic images without conscious awareness is more effective than longer, conscious exposure for reducing fear".

This has two major benefits - firstly, it means the techniques and therapies I use are effective, secondly, if you can work with subconscious experiences then it avoids the whole need for 'exposure' therapy or other unpleasant procedures.

So. Don't just talk about it, change it.

You can read the full article here.

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